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Health & Wellness

It's no secret dairy fits in a healthy diet. That's why Dairy MAX collaborates with the Health and Wellness Advisory Council, a 16 member expert advisory panel comprised of physicians, dietitians and academia who advocate on the checkoff's behalf about the health benefits of dairy within their communities in

the media, as well as with their colleagues, patients, clients and students. This partnership helps build relationships with physicians, dietitians and other health industry professionals to educate and bring back dairy consumers with lactose intolerance who eliminate dairy.

dietitians and physicians

in New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas received
Dairy MAX lactose-intolerance education
materials and cooking demonstrations.

media training

for retail dietitians on dairy's unique
nutrient package compared to
milk alternatives.

We partnered with state nutrition education programs such as the WIC program to educate staff and participants about including dairy in their diet. Trained 300 WIC employees to:
Help clients prepare healthy, quick meals on a budget.

Get kids involved in preparing and serving family meals.

Build knowledge related to trends and benefits of dairy.

Provided blenders with yogurt and milk smoothie recipes to WIC participants.


in retail sales of lactose-free milk
in quarter two of 2014.

millions lbs.

of added lactose-free milk
sales from 2007-13.

Consumer Communication

Establishing consumer confidence in dairy is important for future dairy success. In order to meet the needs of changing consumers and technology, we revamped the Dairy

Discovery Zone (DDZ). Upon completion, the traveling exhibit features bright, neon words like "AMAZING" and "Cheesiest Exhibit on Wheels."

The Dairy Discovery Zone makeover also encouraged more
one-on-one conversations about dairy.
visitors in 2014
increase in visitors
visitors to the DDZ
over five years.
Dairymax.org continues to showcase everything from
nutrition tips to recipes to stories from the farms.
Through social media outlets Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, we're able to connect with
consumers on a daily basis. Some highlights include:
Dairy MAX grows social media in 2014 with new offerings.
Health and Wellness communicators also continue to
reach a growing audience.
includes TV, radio, print and online
PR ad value

Our Land, Our Cows, Our Passionsm

Farmers know if they don't tell their story, someone else will. That's why Dairy MAX helps farmers tell their story through the Our Land, Our Cows, Our Passion dairy image program. This year, Dairy MAX focused on highlighting a dairy farmer's

passion for life on the farm and giving back to the community. This message was amplified through online efforts and monthly promotions like June Dairy Month and the Passion for Pints Blood Drive.

Dairy MAX partnered with
dairy processors & retailers including:

to distribute dairy foods to donors.

Blood drives hosted by industry partners:
with radio spots running around the region.

dairy farm families
added to the OL, OC, OP section of the website.
dairy farms photographed.
newspaper and magazine ads.

Dairy MAX also focused on building consumer confidence through local, regional and national crisis trainings.

Scenarios included:

School Marketing

Building demand for dairy starts in schools. In the last five years, at least 50 million pounds of milk was consumed as a result of school marketing and health and wellness program partnerships. With the help of promotions like the local "It Starts with School Breakfast"

initiative, a portion of this milk was consumed during breakfast. In fact, the school marketing team visited schools across the region to promote healthy, nutrient-rich school breakfasts including low-fat or fat-free dairy this year.

Fuel Up to Play 60 also continued encouraging students to stay active and eat healthy, while building demand for milk.
For every dollar DairyMAX invested in the FUTP60 partnership,
the Dallas Cowboys football team invested one dollar in value adds.
Good partners help get results, which is why
Dairy MAX continued growing its partnership with the
Texas AgriLife Extension Service.
extension agents
across Texas trained on Fuel Up to Play 60 to promote health and well-being in communities.
Dairy Education:
Fuel Up to Play 60 4-H Ambassadors helped host the first 4-H National Food Challenge
at the State Fair of Texas.
per year investment
has shown a positive return of more than one million dollars.

Dairy Optimization in Schools

additional pounds of milk were served
in the Dallas ISD Breakfast Classroom programs.
more meals over 2013
in the Dallas ISD Breakfast Classroom programs.

Sports Marketing

On the field and in the classroom, the Dairy MAX sports marketing team continues to help leverage the key partnership with the NFL. Working with the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston

Texans, the teams visit schools across the Dairy MAX region to get youth excited about staying healthy by consuming more dairy through programs like Fuel Up to Play 60.

The Texas Rangers also play a key role in helping build demand for milk throughout June Dairy Month.
Total Impressions

of added value to the checkoff.
Total PR Value


Through the dairy checkoff Dairy MAX is proud to provide a variety of programs to our stakeholders we serve.

Your dairy checkoff works with partners to provide the science, research and marketing expertise needed to help the dairy industry reach unmet demand. These marketing efforts work in

your best interest by partnering with companies to develop and market new products and leverage your checkoff dollars to give consumers what they want.


Your Dairy MAX team consists of dedicated people making a difference. If you have questions or comments about program areas, please contact your Dairy MAX team.

Consumer Marketing
Health and Wellness
Industry Image and Relations
School Marketing
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